Who Sang Get While the Gettin's Good? Nancy Sinatra

Nancy Sinatra Country, My Way cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1967
length: 2:42
I gotta get while the gettin's good baby get while the gettin's good
Out of your life into a life where I'll be understood
I need a lots of tender love and your heart's made out of wood
If I'm never gonna find a peace of mind I gotta get while the gettin's good

You told me that love is one big bubble we played the game by your rules and you won
And just today I figured out the trouble I learned to crawl before I learned to run
But I'm gonna get while...
[ steel ]
I noticed I've quit singing in the shower I rarely ever laugh and I can tell
I'm willting like the petals on the flowers
And there's nothing left to say now but farewell
And I'm gonna get while...

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