Who Sang Face It Girl, It's Over? Nancy Wilson

Release information
Release Date: 1968
length: 2:37
When you look into his eyes
And he turns away
Sitting at a corner table
And theres nothing much to say

Does he have to draw you pictures
Does he have to spell it out
Face it girl, its over
Wo-oyeah, its over

When he glances at his watch
And it isnt late
And you try to amuse him
And he doesnt concentrate

Just how plainly can he tell you
Does he have to shout out loud
Face it girl, its over

Whats the use in hanging on

As he slowly slips away from you

Dont go along for the ride
Keep some semblence of pride
Theres really nothing you can do

There aint nothing you can do girl

So the time has come, I know, for our last good-bye
Guess Ill have to go on living, when its easier to die
Give me strength enough to take it
Take it like a woman should

know, I know,
know its over

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Its over

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