Who Sang No Easy Way Down? Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson Welcome to My Love / Easy cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016
length: 3:07
composer: Carole King
lyricist: Gerry Goffin
Your toy balloon has sailed in the sky, love
But now it must fall to the ground
Now your sad eyes reveal just how badly you feel
'Cause there is no easy way down

The view from the cliffs must have been exciting
And up to the peaks you were bound
Now you're stranded alone and the past is unknown
And there is no easy way down

No, it isn't very easy when you're left on your own
No, it isn't very easy when each road you take
Is one more mistake, there's no one to break your fall
And lead you back home, yeah

We all like to climb to the heights of love
Where our fantasy world can be found
But you must know in the end when it's time to descend
That there is no easy way down

You know you're gonna find
There is no easy way down

CD 1
  • 1 In the Heat of the Night
  • 2 May I Come In
  • 3 Angel Eyes
  • 4 It Never Entered My Mind
  • 5 I'm Always Drunk in San Francisco
  • 6 Theme From "Hotel"
  • 7 For Once in My Life
  • 8 You Don't Know Me
  • 9 Why Try to Change Me Now
  • 10 Welcome to My Love
  • 11 Ode to Billie Joe
  • 12 Let's Make the Most of a Beautiful Thing
  • 13 Wave
  • 14 Make Me a Present of You
  • 15 Gentle on My Mind
  • 16 When I Look in Your Eyes
  • 17 Love Is Blue
  • 18 Walk Away
  • 19 Face It Girl, It's Over
  • 20 The Look of Love
  • 21 One Like You
  • 22 Make Me Rainbows
  • 23 How Insensitive
  • 24 The End of Our Love
  • 25 Anytime
  • 26 Hurry Change
  • 27 No Easy Way Down