Who Sang Dear Slum Landlord...? Napalm Death

Napalm Death Apex Predator – Easy Meat cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-1-23
Genre: Rock
Style: Grindcore/Death Metal
vocal: Mitch Harris and Barney Greenway
additional engineer: David Pavlík
producer: Russ Russell
recording engineer: Russ Russell
mixer: Russ Russell
engineer: Russ Russell
bass guitar: Shane Embury
guitar family: Mitch Harris
membranophone: Danny Herrera
composer: Mitch Harris
lyricist: Barney Greenway
Big strong boss
Have a query to raise
with my head underfoot
Face shaved on stone and
it's answer enough

Big strong boss
Safety for me
is many steps too far
You're the cudgel
dripping with gold

I am improved when
rhythmically clubbed

Deserving case,
lousy deserving case
Lowly deserving case,
deserving case

Safety for me
is many steps too far
Face shaved on stone
and rhythmically clubbed
I am improved
- it's answer enough

Deserving case,
shirking deserving case
Backwards deserving case,
deserving case
At your service!

CD 1
  • 1 Apex Predator – Easy Meat
  • 2 Smash a Single Digit
  • 3 Metaphorically Screw You
  • 4 How the Years Condemn
  • 5 Stubborn Stains
  • 6 Timeless Flogging
  • 7 Dear Slum Landlord...
  • 8 Cesspits
  • 9 Bloodless Coup
  • 10 Beyond the Pale
  • 11 Stunt Your Growth
  • 12 Hierarchies
  • 13 One-Eyed
  • 14 Adversarial / Copulating Snakes