Everyday Pox Lyrics - Napalm Death

Napalm Death Utilitarian cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-2-24
Genre: Rock
Style: Grindcore/Noise/Death Metal
length: 2:10
additional engineer: Marc Urselli
engineer: Russ Russell
recording engineer: Russ Russell
producer: Russ Russell
mixer: Russ Russell
bass guitar: Shane Embury
membranophone: Danny Herrera
guitar: Mitch Harris
vocal: Shane Embury, Mitch Harris and Barney Greenway
guest saxophone: John Zorn
lyricist: Barney Greenway
composer: Shane Embury
Crack a wry smile
For the gravest of fortunes
You illuminate the room
Here - a toast with urine
To empathy

Too far removed
To indulge or divulge
Extend my hand
And your flesh crawls
Touched by asinine mongrels
You're rife with everyday pox

Suspect foreign bodies encroaching
On your s___e - they obstruct,
You detest, you obstruct,
They detest

Unwashed interferers multiplying
Out of range - They obstruct,
You detest, you obstruct,
They detest

Steady diet of hearsay
Rumour, primed yo up the fervour

Just rife with everyday pox

Ramming home prejudgements into
Every smirking face - air drainer

Everyday Pox

CD 1
  • 1 Circumspect
  • 2 Errors in the Signals
  • 3 Everyday Pox
  • 4 Protection Racket
  • 5 The Wolf I Feed
  • 6 Quarantined
  • 7 Fall on Their Swords
  • 8 Collision Course
  • 9 Orders of Magnitude
  • 10 Think Tank Trials
  • 11 Blank Look About Face
  • 12 Leper Colony
  • 13 Nom de Guerre
  • 14 Analysis Paralysis
  • 15 Opposites Repellent
  • 16 A Gag Reflex