Who Sang Metaphorically Screw You? Napalm Death

Napalm Death Apex Predator – Easy Meat cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-1-23
Genre: Rock
Style: Grindcore/Death Metal
length: 2:05
vocal: Mitch Harris and Barney Greenway
additional engineer: David Pavlík
producer: Russ Russell
recording engineer: Russ Russell
mixer: Russ Russell
engineer: Russ Russell
bass guitar: Shane Embury
guitar family: Mitch Harris
membranophone: Danny Herrera
composer: Mitch Harris
lyricist: Barney Greenway
All you can eat,
on all you can feast
All that can be really
cheaply played
All a noise of nothing
but scheming
You are deftly swayed,
vigorously splayed

Metaphorically screw you

All you can eat,
on all you can feast
Tongue-lashed till you're
f___ing swayed
There's a sea of impenetrable
jargon to submerge
those pauper's graves

If you please in triple-speak
- a clammy helping global hand
What it means in triple speak:
yanked down a yawning crevasse

All you can eat, on all you can feast,
you're crammed with triple-speak
Not a trickle through the floodgates
The dumping ground of fabled
inclusion can't dissuade
the deftly swayed

Based on need in triple speak
they've metaphorically screwed you

CD 1
  • 1 Apex Predator – Easy Meat
  • 2 Smash a Single Digit
  • 3 Metaphorically Screw You
  • 4 How the Years Condemn
  • 5 Stubborn Stains
  • 6 Timeless Flogging
  • 7 Dear Slum Landlord...
  • 8 Cesspits
  • 9 Bloodless Coup
  • 10 Beyond the Pale
  • 11 Stunt Your Growth
  • 12 Hierarchies
  • 13 One-Eyed
  • 14 Adversarial / Copulating Snakes