Who Sang The Code Is Red... Long Live the Code? Napalm Death

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length: 3:31
The code is red...long live the code
Linghting the way to a panic mode.

Switched up to - switched up to subdue when the masses switch off

The code is red...long live the code
Whip up a storm and they'll play along.

Barricades built - barricades built to deter fictionnal threats

Dissected, observed
Under an all-seeing microscope
Dissected, observed

Be the perfect specimens

Lightning the way - lightning the way, subjugate, illuminate.

It's ego and worse
It brings us to 'zero tolerance'
It's ego and worse

To suffocate diversity
And decree it an aggressive disease.

There will always come a threat once the plebs step out of line
A fabricated perpetrator biding his time.
They'll take us up to fever pitch and watch intolerance spread.
And you'll be none the wiser with a paranoid mindset.