Who Sang Work to Rule? Napalm Death

Napalm Death Time Waits for No Slave cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-2-2
Genre: Rock
Style: Grindcore/Death Metal
length: 3:17
composer: Shane Embury
lyricist: Barney Greenway
You don't need s___e to focus
There is no cause to dream
Compulsive gatherer leans over drifters
And the lame to get right to the prize

Stampede at expectation's peak

Blow to blow
Job to job
Work to rule, lauded one
Work to rule with derision

You don't need s___e to focus;
There is no cause to dream

Run a mile
Dialled in
Work to rule, pre-emptive
Work to rule, primitives

In determinate are the hours
Or minutes to happily take stock

At the point when you return to the earth
Precious little left to objectify and shun
Will you wish you'd broken ranks?
Or was 'living' still a drawback?

Your achievements just egocentric figments?

To settle down and be tranquil
The preserve of the idle (!)
Obsessive go-getter means to surpass
Every pleasure and dumb time-waster

Stampede at expectation's peak

Take up slack
Break your back
Work to rule on the rack
Work to rule...and collapse

CD 1
  • 1 Strong-Arm
  • 2 Diktat
  • 3 Work to Rule
  • 4 On the Brink of Extinction
  • 5 Time Waits for No Slave
  • 6 Life and Limb
  • 7 Downbeat Clique
  • 8 Fallacy Dominion
  • 9 Passive Tense
  • 10 Larceny of the Heart
  • 11 Procrastination on the Empty Vessel
  • 12 Feeling Redundant
  • 13 A No-Sided Argument
  • 14 De-Evolution Ad Nauseum