Who Sang StopRewind? NateWantsToBattle

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Release Date: 2017-3-1
length: 3:16

Day and night my mind is running
Reaching out 'cause I want something more
That I've never had before

I'm scared to chase what I've been dreaming
Beyond a want and now I need it
Push me by surprise
So I can take the dive!

Day and night my mind is racing
Dents and foot prints I've been pacing
What am I supposed to find?

My god! I'm the bait and the predator's my mind
It eats at me all the time
Can we stop and rewind?
I'm not so sure

When'd I become my own enemy
I don't understand what you see in me
'Cause I'm just another story
-That's not worth a reading-
Now you've got me pinned up against the wall
Why aren't you afraid that I'll take a fall?
There's more that came before me
Am I worth believing?
I'm not so sure

Eye to eye our worlds collided
Ear to ear you kept me smiling
Kept me happy kept me grounded
Before I flew away
I felt it breaking
Then you came around
In this world of white noise you're my favorite sound

Wo-oh-oh x4

We brave and broken fewer
3 cheers to fear the future
We brave and broken fewer
3 cheers to fear the future


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