Necromantia - For the Light of My Darkness 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 1997
ジャンル: Rock
スタイル: Black Metal/Heavy Metal
length: 6:08

You Calm And Heal My Restless Soul
Brighten The Blackness of my Heart
You Light The Fire in my Cold Blood
Our Spirits Unite As One

My dark Seductive Mistress
Enchantress of Gods and Men
No Words can Reach Your Beauty
Vampire Queen Of My Hell

For The Light of My Darkness
The Slayer of My Sadness
For The Light of My Darkness
The Healer of My Madness

Only Your Touch Can Ease My Hate
Only Your Lips Can Stop My Rage
I've Seen your vision in My Dreams
Bewitching Empress on Night's Wings

Not Even Death Can Do us part
For Years And Aeons Still To Come
We'll Still Be Here To Win Our Wars
And Reign Supreme My Dearest One

Only Your Flesh Can Quench My Thirst
Only Your Soul Can Kiss My Thoughts
No Godess Can Compete Your Charm
Your Rebel Spirit Shades The Sun

CD 1
  • 1 Shaman
  • 2 Ancient Pride
  • 3 For the Light of My Darkness
  • 4 Each Dawn I Die