The Playboy Channel Lyrics - Negativland

Negativland Escape From Noise cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1987
Genre: Electronic
Style: Noise/Experimental/Industrial
length: 1:34
lead vocals: David Wills
saxophone: Mark Mothersbaugh
other instruments: Mark Mothersbaugh and Jello Biafra
bass: Mark Mothersbaugh
electronic instruments: Mark Mothersbaugh
Supposing you're watching the Playboy Channel....
("Ooooh yes! Oh....")
and it's just about time for them to have an orgasm....
("....Oh! Oh! Harder! Oh! Oh! I think I'm gonna explode! Oh! Oh!....")
when all of a sudden....
The horrible noise comes in, and completely destroys your orgasm on
the Playboy Channel.
("Oh yes!")
There it goes again. (YEAH!) That awful interference, wrecking your orgasm
on the Playboy Channel. (YEAH!)
You've called the cable TV company six times.
("oh oh oh oh oh o
Each time the technician comes out, he can't fix the problem.
He is fired. ("flush.")
Wham! (YEAH!)
That sound is more important than you are.
That sound is more (YEAH!) important than your entire life.
And it will stop you from having an orgasm....on the Playboy Channel. (YEAH!)

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