You Don't Even Live Here Lyrics - Negativland

Negativland Escape From Noise cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1987
Genre: Electronic
Style: Noise/Experimental/Industrial
length: 2:30
other instruments: The Residents
background vocals: The Residents

Sir, there are hundreds of people outside. They can't get in. You
Have even gagged us. You have not allowed us to speak at this hearing. We
Asked you to stop construction of the plant, and you didn't listen to us
You didn't listen even to your own two consultants of the advisory
Committee on the reactor's safeguards, when they said that this plant is
Dangerous. You don't have to talk, you don't even live here, you have no
Stake in this (??)
You told us that a Class 9 accident was incredible. Our fell
Citizens have learned too painfully that you were WRONG AGAIN! The NRC said
That the money eight years ago, money would never be a factor in licensing
This plant. Yet today self-righteously you made claims that we've got
To get this plant licensed because any delay costs the plant millions of
Dollars. Sir, may I remind you that, as tax-payers, we in this community
Pay your salary. As taxpayers, we pay the NRC's salaries. As wage-payers
We pay PG&E's salaries. We, sir, are paying for this whole goddamn
Proceeding, and you won't even let us talk!

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