Who Sang Twisty Bass? Neil Finn

Neil Finn Try Whistling This cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-7-15
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Alternative Rock/Soft Rock/Pop Rock
length: 5:10
writer: Neil Finn
The hangman's in the noose
The prisoner is loose
The wheel has come around
And the velvet curtain coming down

And left it there
A suitcase on a chair
I feel my weight
And something tells me

There's a river underground
In a place where there's no one to be found
And no one came to see

[Repeat: x3]
The oldest show in town

Santa's on the cross
Innocence is lost
The music's in your mind
And the windscreen wipers move in time

No one came to see

[Repeat: x2]
The oldest show in town

And the stranger was a ghost
The killer was a priest
Took the first excuse
Made the madness seem cute lipped

On your own you'll find your own escape
There are many ways to choose
And I don't know which one you should take
A home is all you want

On the back of a truck driving down the street
It doesn't seem so much
But it's all you need to make your life complete
No one came to see

[Repeat: x3]
The oldest show in town

No one came to see
I lean the slightest bit towards you
White turns into brown, light goes to black
Your eyes danced in my reflection
And the horse ate my trousers

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