Who Sang Shots? Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse Re·ac·tor cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1981-10-28
length: 7:46
producer: David Briggs, Tim Mulligan and Neil Young
vocal: Ralph Molina, Billy Talbot and Neil Young
engineer: Tim Mulligan and Jerry Napier
electric guitar: Neil Young and Frank Sampedro
bass: Billy Talbot
co-producer: Jerry Napier
drums (drum set): Ralph Molina
synclavier: Neil Young
composer: Neil Young
lyricist: Neil Young
Ringing all along the borders can be heard
Striking out like a venom in the sky
Cutting through the air faster than a bird
In the night.

Are lost in the sand, building roads with little hands
Trying to join their father's castles together again
Will they make it? Who knows where or when
Old wounds will mend?

Are winding their way along, looking strong
Building roads and bringing back loads and loads
Of building materials
In the night

Are trying to move the borders on the ground
Lines between the different spots that each has found
But back home another scene was going down
In the night.

Comes creepin' through the night to feed on hearts
Of suburban wives who learned to pretend
When they met their dream's end
In the night.

I hear shots, I keep hearing shots
I keep hearing shots
I hear shots.

I hear shots, I keep hearing shots
I keep hearing shots
I hear shots.

But I'll never use your love,
You know I'm not that kind
And so if you give your heart away
I promise to you
Whatever we do
That I will always be true.

12" Vinyl 1
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