Who Sang Western Hero? Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse Sleeps With Angels cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1994-8-16
length: 4:01
producer: David Briggs and Neil Young
mixer: Neil Young, John Hanlon and David Briggs
engineer: John Hanlon
bass: Billy Talbot
guitar: Neil Young
grand piano: Frank Sampedro
accordion: Neil Young
drums (drum set): Ralph Molina
composer: Neil Young
Frontier town,
home of the western hero
Frontier justice,
dealt with the iron hand

He wore a long coat to the ground
He wore big boots that made a sound
He wore a six gun on his hip
But now he doesn't carry it

Sure enough,
he was a western hero
On the deck,
sighting an old j__ zero

And on the shores at Normandy
He fought for you,
he fought for me
Across the land and on the sea
But now he's just a memory

And in the distance,
the rocket's red glare
The bombs burst in the air
This time
we're never going back

Through the years
he changed somehow
He's different now
He's different now

Open fire,
here comes the western hero
Standing there,
big money in his hand
Sure enough,
he was a western hero,
Sure enough

CD 1
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  • 2 Prime of Life
  • 3 Driveby
  • 4 Sleeps With Angels
  • 5 Western Hero
  • 6 Change Your Mind
  • 7 Blue Eden
  • 8 Safeway Cart
  • 9 Train of Love
  • 10 Trans Am
  • 11 Piece of Crap
  • 12 A Dream That Can Last