Who Sang White Line? Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse Ragged Glory cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990-9-10
length: 2:58
producer: David Briggs and Neil Young
engineer: John Hanlon
recording engineer: John Hanlon
composer: Neil Young
lyricist: Neil Young
I came to you,
when I needed a rest
You took my love,
and put it to the test
I saw some things,
that I never
would have guessed
Feel like a railroad,
I pulled a whole load behind.

That old white line
is friend of mine
And it's good time
we've been making
Right now I'm rollin' down
the open road
And the daylight
will soon be breaking.

I was adrift
on a river of pride
It seemed like such a
long easy ride
You were my raft
but I let you slide
I've been down but
I'm coming back up again.

And I'm rollin' down
the open road
Where the daylight
will soon be breaking
Right now I'm thinking 'bout
these things that I know
But it's good time
that we've been making.

CD 1
  • 1 Country Home
  • 2 White Line
  • 3 F*!#in’ Up
  • 4 Over and Over
  • 5 Love to Burn
  • 6 Farmer John
  • 7 Mansion on the Hill
  • 8 Days That Used to Be
  • 9 Love and Only Love
  • 10 Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)