Who Sang Say Hello to Chicago? Neil Young

Neil Young Storytone cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-11-3
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk Rock/Acoustic/Symphonic Rock
length: 4:57
producer: The Volume Dealers
conductor: Chris Walden
mixer: Al Schmitt
engineer: Niko Bolas and Steve Genewick
recording engineer: Al Schmitt
arranger: Chris Walden
co-producer: Chris Walden
assistant engineer: Diego Ruelas and John Hausmann
orchestrator: Chris Walden
piano: Alan Steinberger
saxophone: Bob Sheppard, Tom Peterson, Kim Richmond, Rob Lockart and Jeff Driskill
trumpet: Kevin Richardson, Kye Palmer, Wayne Bergeron and Ron King
trombone: Richard Bullock, Bob McChesney, Andy Martin and Arturo Velasco
organ: Dave Delhomme
electric guitar: Waddy Wachtel and Mitch Holder
bass: Chuck Berghofer
drums (drum set): Clayton Cameron
composer: Neil Young
lyricist: Neil Young
When the blues moved north, to Chicago they came
And I caught some myself in this blind alley and rain
Close to the L with it's clattering train
Near an old ornate theater where I soon will be playing
I soon will be playing

So I said hello for you, when I saw a stylish girl
Walking by on the sidewalk with her hair in a swirl
From the wind that was growing at the end of the day
And I wondered what would be coming my way
What would be coming my way, coming my way

You know I been to Chicago, I was here once before
And the rain kept on pounding outside the stage door
I was singing and drinking with love in my heart
I was younger and stronger while life played it's part
While life played it's part, life played it's part
Life played it's part

Let us not be strangers if we come to know
Things about each other that seem to come and go
'Cause friendship is everything if love is to last
And I have my guard down and love passes fast
Love passes fast, love passes fast
Love passes fast

Say hello to Chicago
Say hello to Chicago
Say hello to Chicago

Say hello to Chicago

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