Who Sang Tumbleweed? Neil Young

Neil Young Storytone cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-11-3
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk Rock/Acoustic/Symphonic Rock
length: 3:38
producer: The Volume Dealers
conductor: Chris Walden
mixer: Al Schmitt
engineer: Niko Bolas and Steve Genewick
recording engineer: Al Schmitt
arranger: Chris Walden
viola: Dmitri Bovaird, Carolyn Riley, Jeanie Lim, Lauren Chipman, Gina Coletti, Keith Greene, Luke Maurer and Evan Wilson
co-producer: Chris Walden
assistant engineer: Diego Ruelas and John Hausmann
orchestrator: Chris Walden
concertmaster: Belinda Broughton
violin: Mark Sazer, Ben Powell, Maia Jasper, Paul Henning, Nina Evtuhov, Joel Pargman, Lucia Micarelli, Amy Wickman, Radu Pieptea, Carol Pool, Eric Boulanger, Ina Veli, Dimitrie Leivici, Lisa Dondlinger, Mark Robertson, Daphne Chen, Aimee Kreston, Richard Altenbach, Sara Parkins, Sarah Thornblade, Henry Gronnier, Kevin Connolly, Joel Derouin, Belinda Broughton, Tamara Hatwan and Neel Hammond
cello: Jacob Braun, David Speltz, Victor Lawrence, Tina Soule, Dane Little, Maurice Grants, Andrew Shulman and Joon Sung Jun
double bass: Ken Wild, Mike Valerio, Ian Walker, Oscar Hidalgo and Peter Doubrovsky
flute: Jenni Olson, Dave Smolen and Larry Kaplan
oboe: Chris Bleth
cor anglais: Jessica Pearlman
clarinet: Dan Higgins, Greg Huckins and Donald Foster
bassoon: Ken Munday and Judith Farmer
French horn: Benjamin Jaber, Steve Becknell, Dylan Hart and Laura Brenes
harp: Katie Kirkpatrick
piano: Alan Steinberger
percussion: Wade Culbreath, Dan Greco and Bob Zimmitti
acoustic guitar: George Doering
vocal: Monica Lee, Michael Lichtenauer, Rick Logan, David Loucks, Baraka May, Donna Medine, Mitchel Moore, Chad Reisser, Fletcher Sheridan, Karen Whipple Schnurr, Gerald White, Sally Stevens, Beth Andersen, Kala Balch, Joan Beal, Eric Bradley, Reid Bruton, Amick Byram, Elin Carlson, Alvin Chea, Craig Copeland, Monique Donnelly, Amy Fogerson, Michael Geiger, Arnold Livingston Geis, Debbie Hall, William Kenneth Goldman, Christine Guter, Sandie Hall, Walt Harrah and Clydene Jackson
composer: Neil Young
lyricist: Neil Young
Tumbleweed, your inner spirit is a peace sign to me
Life is full of little tricks and we can always pick up sticks
And build again, that's what we do

Harmony, the way we hold on when we tumble though the night
Life is full of strange delights, in the darkness we find lights
To make our way, back home again

Tumbleweed, I'm baring my soul to you
Tumbleweed, it's all that I've got that's true

Bite me now, with your confusion, your happiness and delight
It will only hurt a moment, then it's gone and you can see
There's nothing left, to leave a mark

Animal, care for your kind, in the way you always do
When the flower moon is shining, it's eclipse and your lips smiling
Comfort me and I comfort you

Tumbleweed, your inner spirit is a peace sign to me

  • 1 Plastic Flowers
  • 2 Who’s Gonna Stand Up?
  • 3 I Want to Drive My Car
  • 4 Glimmer
  • 5 Say Hello to Chicago
  • 6 Tumbleweed
  • 7 Like You Used to Do
  • 8 I'm Glad I Found You
  • 9 When I Watch You Sleeping
  • 10 All Those Dreams