Who Sang When I Watch You Sleeping? Neil Young

Neil Young Storytone cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-11-3
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk Rock/Acoustic/Symphonic Rock
length: 5:31
producer: The Volume Dealers
conductor: Michael Bearden
mixer: Al Schmitt
engineer: Niko Bolas and Steve Genewick
recording engineer: Al Schmitt
arranger: Michael Bearden
co-producer: Michael Bearden
assistant engineer: John Hausmann and Diego Ruelas
orchestrator: Patrick Russ
concertmaster: Belinda Broughton
violin: Paul Henning, Eric Boulanger, Joel Pargman, Maia Jasper, Ben Powell, Mark Sazer, Neel Hammond, Ina Veli, Tamara Hatwan, Lucia Micarelli, Amy Wickman, Radu Pieptea, Carol Pool, Mark Robertson, Daphne Chen, Belinda Broughton and Joel Derouin
viola: Erik Rynearson, Brian Dembow, Lauren Chipman, Carolyn Riley, Jeanie Lim and Caroline Buckman
cello: Victor Lawrence, Mező László, Steve Richards, Jacob Braun, Timothy Loo and Andrew Shulman
double bass: Oscar Hidalgo, Ken Wild, Mike Valerio and Ian Walker
saxophone: Scott Mayo, Dan Higgins and Joel Peskin
trumpet: William Churchville and Chuck Findley
trombone: Steve Baxter
piano: Tom Ranier
keyboard: Jeff Babko
organ: Michael Bearden
Wurlitzer electric piano: Michael Bearden
guitar: Mick Taras
banjo: Mick Taras
acoustic guitar: George Doering
electric guitar: Waddy Wachtel
acoustic bass guitar: Ryan Cross
electric bass guitar: Darryl Jones
drums (drum set): Clayton Cameron
percussion: Lenny Castro
composer: Neil Young
lyricist: Neil Young
When I watch you sleeping
There's nothing that you hide
When I smell you breathing
There's a sweetness from inside
And when I feel you stirring
And the day is about to break
Outside wings are whirring
And the sky is there to take

I wonder how I got so close to you
And see the chances that you take
Without thinking I'm going there too
These are the promises you make
When your eyes are blinded by love
And the history of fate

When I hear you purring
Like a kitten and a lion
And I feel your softness
How you got it without trying
Then you roll and tumble
With your dreams still holding on
And I hear that rumble
In the stomach of the dawn

Today I paint my masterpiece
Tonight I trace my tears
Thinking through the road I took to you
And where I stumbled through the years

Today I paint my masterpiece
Tonight I trace my tears
Thinking through my path to you
And where I stumbled through the years
That's when I knew I'd never hold you down
Repeating old roads and fears

Now the crows are calling
And the blackbirds sing in my ear
You got one eye open
And I'm smiling through my tears
But you'll never see them
Here inside with my fears
In a place that's fading away
And taking on new years

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  • 2 Who’s Gonna Stand Up?
  • 3 I Want to Drive My Car
  • 4 Glimmer
  • 5 Say Hello to Chicago
  • 6 Tumbleweed
  • 7 Like You Used to Do
  • 8 I'm Glad I Found You
  • 9 When I Watch You Sleeping
  • 10 All Those Dreams