Nellie McKay - Really Lyrics

release date: 2004-2-10
genres: Hip Hop Jazz Rock Funk / Soul Pop Folk, World, & Country
styles: Folk Rock/Pop Rap/Vocal/Disco/Lounge/Big Band/Funk/Ballad
length: 3:56
not sad enough really
am I mad
not mad enough clearly
am I
lacking in sincerity
yes indeed I am
am I tough
not tough enough really
am I rough
not rough enough nearly
am I lying here
on the ground
watching you get pushed around
yes indeed I am
I don't know why
I'm such a wimp
I realize
I'm just your pimp
but what can I do
what can I do

am I small
not small enough really
I feel lame and cirumspect
I feel your pain and yet
I feel sympathy
it's just that I'm super busy right now

I don't know why
I'm such a shit
I realize
this doesn't help a bit
but what can I do
what can I do

am I bad
not bad enough really
I feel angry and upset
I could write you a small check
look I wish you luck
and here's you're buck
it's just that I'm a yuppie fuck
yes indeed I am

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 David
  • 2 Manhattan Avenue
  • 3 Sari
  • 4 Ding Dong
  • 5 Baby Watch Your Back
  • 6 The Dog Song
  • 7 Waiter
  • 8 I Wanna Get Married
  • 9 Change the World
    CD 2
  • 1 It's a Pose
  • 2 Toto Dies
  • 3 Won't U Please B Nice
  • 4 Inner Peace
  • 5 Suitcase Song
  • 6 Work Song
  • 7 Clonie
  • 8 Respectable
  • 9 Really