Nelly featuring Cedric the Entertainer - Outro Lyrics

release date: 2000-6-27
genres: Electronic
styles: UK Garage
length: 0:44
performer: Cedric the Entertainer
Ay, ay wassup Nelly?
Ay dogg I got your page, but my cell phone battery was low,
I couldn't even call you back right away.
But look here man, ya'll just throw down on the album brotha,
I just tryin' to get atcha, we been missin' eachother
You call me, I call you, we page, we missin',
But look here cause this here for me man,
I'm bout to lay it down and chill man
I gotta, I gotta leave the country man, I gotta go to Compton

Do your thang, do your thug thizzel for ya boy
Playboy partna aight
Ced The Entertainer
Ay ya'll get at me when you can aight
I'm gone man, yeah I'm gone
Yea I got these warrants and the police just pulled me ova
I gotta go
I'll holla

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 St. Louie
  • 3 Greed, Hate, Envy
  • 4 Country Grammar (Hot …)
  • 5 Steal the Show
  • 6 Interlude
  • 7 Ride Wit Me
  • 8 E.I.
  • 9 Thicky Thick Girl
  • 10 For My
  • 11 Utha Side
  • 12 Tho Dem Wrappas
  • 13 Wrap Sumden
  • 14 Batter Up
  • 15 Never Let ’em C U Sweat
  • 16 Luven Me
  • 17 Outro