Invasion Lyrics - Neophyte & Evil Activities

Evil Activities Rechtoe rechtaan cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-4-22
Genre: Electronic
Style: Hardcore/Gabber
length: 5:44
I'll tell y'all what happens when you f___ with us
The new m_________ing world order, m_________ers
That's what the f___ happens!
You wanna f___ with us?
That's what the f___ happens!
You don't like it?
That's what the f___ I'm talking about!
Come on!

My m_________ing DJ
f___ that

Say m_________ing (...)
Everybody make some m_________ing noise!


Everybody make some m_________ing noise!

We go pump, pump, pump the floor (x??)
f___ at our own s___!
Serious business, aftermath b____!

You're now damaged by the sounds of the boogie down
Hit 'm like that!


You'd better get used to it
You know how we do it

You know what the f___ is going out right now
You have arrived to the countdown to armageddon, you heard me?
You finish the job with nuclear f___ing bombs in ya hood, bring that back!

My m_________ing DJ

Yeah, I almost forgot
This is where the m_________ing streets were

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