Who Sang On Sarcastic Impact? Nerlich

Nerlich Defabricated Process cover art
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length: 5:05
A swelled body lies amidst of flooding p*** and barf.
With an empty bottle of gin in hand
lies the dead on the floor of a public toilet.
Passed out on its back, chocked on its vomit.
There is some junkies roaming around, trying to score drugs.
One them sits on the torso to wait the arrival.

Get fat by fungus, drain and eat.
Flying orgamisms,
Blow injection to your neck
because the other veins have ceased.
It bursts.

Man and a girls are f****** against the wall.
Man's got p**** fistel = stomach and urine canal are connected to each other.
He gets a meatball in his urine canal and it gets infected. He comes and screams in pain. And the girl grins.
Two young gigolo boys are on the stairs
as their friend is taking a b****** from a fat and
bald 50-year-old man. Smell the sweat and the s****.

Upon the stairs is a schizophrenic junkie who threats
his disease with amphetamine.
For a moment amphetamine helps him get better,
but afterwards the disease gets even worse.
The junkie roams the city streets with a knife in his hand.
Self control is long lost - deranged.
Infestation - of corpses on the streets
Repulsion - obliteration to obtain satisfaction

A crowd of winos are drinking spirit in a small dwelling.
They're delirious, seeing flying ostrichs as flying attendants.
One of the drunks feels nauseous and goes to the toilet,
it reeks there.

Because of the vomiting the
toilet is glogged by multiple

Dirt prevails on sarcastic impact

CD 1
  • 1 Defabricated Process
  • 2 Substantial Alteration
  • 3 Insane Creations / Inorganic Echoes
  • 4 Entity of Sickness
  • 5 Imminent Reprisal
  • 6 Mask for the Faceless
  • 7 Condemned
  • 8 On Sarcastic Impact