Furious Bed Lyrics - Nervous Cabaret

Release information
Release Date: 2005
length: 3:27
I sink down into my furious bed
I was shot in the eye
Or was all in my head
Leaving footprints in the shape of my name
A life in debt
Is that the name of this game?

So bury me now
I'm going to rise to the top
Only half alive
Just you dare me to stop

They say that I could not afford to get rich
so guess who they've got
a-dig-a-digging this ditch
I think you know me well
I think you know me well

Last night I was throwing this party
Got my hands on some booze
I said let's get this thing started
I looked up around at all the long faces
I'd cut off my toes
And now I'm f******** s***es

I think you know me well
I think you know me well
But here comes another one, another one, another one (x2)
Here comes my mother and her lover,
My sister and her brother
Got the fever and the shudders
The grip from up and under

If they can't have one another
For perfection they'll surrender
Cry alone with one another

I think you know me well

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