KiD [SiC] Lyrics - Nervous Cabaret

Release information
Release Date: 2005
length: 4:16

Kids are kids and... Sick is Sick and
This is the story time...For KiD [SiC]
He was plotting his glow monkeys with his jellyfish
In Moderato, ma non troppo
And you were laughing at him
So what, so what, so
Laughing at him
So what, so what, so
The jellyfish gene made the monkey glow
He was a dim failed star so he had to go
He said
I ain't no Mickey f*ckin' Jagger, no, no
But I got me own
Cataract swagger
And I dreamt that I was
The immortal braggart
Who once said
You can have it all, You can have it all
Because kids are kids are kids
And sick is sick is sick (x2)
This is the story time
For KiD [SiC]

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