Passion Plumbers Lyrics - Nervous Cabaret

Release information
Release Date: 2005
length: 3:54

Friday Night and we're faking it
No dough but a realization we're it
We're talking love and civilization
'cause we ain't got shit ya see
Concerning hope and currency
Our homes and currency
So we became good union boys
Fleshy dues to pay
In cardiac alloys
Hello hello alloys alloys alloys
(Repeat x 4)
We are the Passion Plumbers
(Repeat x 4)
On a midnight patrol we rove
Re-route the drippy sink to the kitchen stove
No this ain't any dumber
Than sitting idly by
While the thick faced hairy doorman
He keeps your love inside
Just call the Passion Plumbers
(Repeat x 4)
Now go and put the kettle
Put the kettle on the stove
So now we can all drink together
And fight, fight for our love
We are the passion Plumbers
(Repeat x 4)
Well now it's Saturday night and we're faking it (cont' as before)

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