Who Sang Free? Neurotica

Release information
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Funk Metal/Nu Metal
length: 3:31
The time that you spend when you daydream alone Daydreaming is Free The aroma
Of nag champa filling the room Never smelled so Free Some things always
Challenge A smile from me And some things set me Free Electric is everyday what
A display you don't see No just to be alive may not be all I need Free is Free
Indeed That spot in the ocean where the dolphins swim to be Just to feel free
To capture the essence of lullaby life One must strive to be Free

  • 1 Deadly Sin
  • 2 Two Worlds
  • 3 If
  • 4 Easy Speak
  • 5 Cornucopia
  • 6 Evenings Away
  • 7 Watered Down
  • 8 Invisible Path
  • 9 Now
  • 10 Mink
  • 11 Free
  • 12 One Day
  • 13 Genius to Lunatic