Who Sang Genius to Lunatic? Neurotica

Release information
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Funk Metal/Nu Metal
length: 3:48
heavy Lost myself so weird How this all get here Wrap it all up with my fear
and you’ve got yourself a madman I use to have a feeling and it Sounded a
little like this inside my head Set in a situation with a feeling that I may
end up dead Can ya hear me I’m sceaming If ya hear me when I’m screaming Lend
me some words and Advice I can believe in Helplessly my Genius tree Has fallen
to the ground From Genius to Lunatic Pace myself around clouds of babbling on
Used to be so strong I used to be like the morning Now to separate the acts of
love and hate No time to designate the Separation of feeling

  • 1 Deadly Sin
  • 2 Two Worlds
  • 3 If
  • 4 Easy Speak
  • 5 Cornucopia
  • 6 Evenings Away
  • 7 Watered Down
  • 8 Invisible Path
  • 9 Now
  • 10 Mink
  • 11 Free
  • 12 One Day
  • 13 Genius to Lunatic