Who Sang One Day? Neurotica

Release information
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Funk Metal/Nu Metal
length: 2:25
realized the main thing I wanna go everywhere while going nowhere Take myself
somewhere I’ve never been there I think I like it this way better than the
right way Who’s To say which way
Staying with the right side that would be the outside Never keep it inside that
would be the wrong side I should have been someone while being no one Not just
anyone got to have the right one All are dying somehow not knowing just how
Doesn’t matter anyway

  • 1 Deadly Sin
  • 2 Two Worlds
  • 3 If
  • 4 Easy Speak
  • 5 Cornucopia
  • 6 Evenings Away
  • 7 Watered Down
  • 8 Invisible Path
  • 9 Now
  • 10 Mink
  • 11 Free
  • 12 One Day
  • 13 Genius to Lunatic