Fire in the Aisle Lyrics - Nevea Tears

Nevea Tears Run With the Hunted cover art
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Release Date: 2007-9-11
length: 4:11
Now I'm left alone and I'm trapped
I can't get out
"Get out right now!"
I'm going out with a bang
We're making headlines
And she's got the best grace in town
Look, look at my eyes and tell me I'm f*****
You know d*** well when we make love
You will never learn to walk away
And I don't think we'll make it out alive

Hearing all these haunting voices
I'm staging acts I've never seen
All in hopes to relieve us now
I can't keep going on
And I don't think I like it here
When will this ever end?
Cover your eyes and be buried alive
I'm due for a miracle and I need to pull myself together
Our only chance for relief is under our feet
A heavy cry pinches my breath
Bury your emotions and make it right
Tonight's the night we will burn with a fight
So tell them we're here
And be buried alive
Living here with all these curses
Showing ourselves visions of wealth all in hopes to relieve us now
Hearing all these haunting voices
Staging acts I've never seen
All in hopes to relieve us now

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