Who Sang Golden? New Found Glory

New Found Glory Coming Home cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Chad Everett Gilbert, Cyrus William Bolooki, Ian R. Grushka, Jordan I. Pundik, Stephen Lee Klein
Release Date: 2006-9-18
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Pop Punk/Pop Rock
length: 3:37
This could be the song everyone relates to
Another melody something we go through
This could be the words to use in good fortune
To keep in the bag of my foiled backup plan
It?s the beat that keeps you marching on
So take your chance I got armour on
Reasons will reveal itself into time
So for luck will you cross your fingers?

You and I girl, we?ve got something golden
Did you now they say it never lasts
And oh-oh-oh, we?ve got something golden
We can?t, can?t break, everyone, everyone?s wrong
Everyone, everyone?s wrong

This could be the verse always reminding you
Of your battle scars all your could have been?s
Only I know what I?ve been through
But for luck I?d still cross my fingers


I could have used this long ago
You took my good advice
I could have used this long ago
Should have crossed my fingers


CD 1
  • 1 Oxygen
  • 2 Hold My Hand
  • 3 It’s Not Your Fault
  • 4 On My Mind
  • 5 Coming Home
  • 6 Make Your Move
  • 7 Taken Back by You
  • 8 Too Good to Be
  • 9 Love and Pain
  • 10 Familiar Landscapes
  • 11 When I Die
  • 12 Connected
  • 13 Boulders
  • 14 Make It Right
  • 15 Golden
  • 16 It’s All Around You