Who Sang Superheated? New Order

New Order Music Complete cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Bernard Sumner, Brandon Flowers, Phillip Cunningham, Thomas Louis Chapman
Release Date: 2015-9-23
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Electro/Synth-pop/Tech House
length: 5:05
producer: New Order
vocal: Brandon Flowers
mixer: Stuart David Price
additional producer: Stuart David Price
assistant mixer: Eduardo de La Paz
writer: New Order, Brandon Flowers
Sometimes I wake up and the sky is grey
When you're not here by my side
I see your make up on the shelf
In a photograph of someone else
And it breaks me up like I don't exist
Did we ever love, did we ever kiss?
Do you ever listen to what I have to say?
As life unfolded that one short day

However you want it, it's my desire
Girl you've got me hanging like a bird down on a wire
We are so different, yet we're the same
Things that I remember, that I wish I could change

Sometimes I wake up as angry as hell
I feel deserted, I feel unwell
But it's not your fault, no not at all
I was the reason for our downfall
Sometimes I wake up when I'm alone
As angry as hell because you're gone

You want your life back, girl I'm not a thief
You told me that it's over and that you were gonna leave

Now that it's over
Now that it's over
Now that it's over
Now that it's over
Now that it's over
Now that it's over
Now that it's over
Now that it's over
It's over, it's over, it's over

CD 1
  • 1 Restless
  • 2 Singularity
  • 3 Plastic
  • 4 Tutti Frutti
  • 5 People on the High Line
  • 6 Stray Dog
  • 7 Academic
  • 8 Nothing But a Fool
  • 9 Unlearn This Hatred
  • 10 The Game
  • 11 Superheated
  • 12 Restless (extended bonus mix)