Who Sang Gold? Nice & Smooth

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Release Date: 1989
length: 2:44
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[Greg Nice]
G-O-L-D gold and I've been told
It's too hot to hold you can get it sold
In the summer heat in the winter cold
Fourteen karat gold won't mold, now
Bust the sketch that I'm about to tell
I saw a dookie rope downtown on sale
Was it Wall Street or was it Canal?
Anyway I'm steppin out in style
Yo fellas there's a treasure trunk (where?) Up in the attic
(You mean Johnson-ohnson-on?) No-no-no-no, twenty-four karat
(How we get it?) What you mean we? (Aiyyo man you changed)
But around my neck, I got the rope chain
It's Greg Nice and I'm gonna go far
I get my hair cut, at the Superstar
We're talkin bout G-O-L-D G-O-L-D G-O-L-D G-O-L-D

[Smooth Bee]
G-O-L-D gold I'm twenty-two years old
And uhh, I never fold, I'm livin my role
as a diplomat, and my pockets are fat
My rings are eighteen karat skeezer, and it's like that
Went to the jeweler, had a fifty G budget
Bought a turkish rope, a medallion made of nuggets
You can look, you can touch it, but don't smudge it
Milky, milky, I'm so silky
I met this cutie and her name was Judy
Judy was top choice, had golden brown eyes
Def lips, and fly thighs
Jet black hair, her complexion clear
And her derriere, had savoire-faire
Big gold teeth in her mouth
Mmmmmmmm - Judy was from down South
She had a warm heart, that could get real cold
Judy was all about, G-O-L-D gold

[Teddy Ted]
Now, Teddy Ted, and I must prevail
I buy my gold by the pennyweight scale
On Thursday I got a check in the mail
I bought a solid gold 500 S-E-L
I tour the world, my fortune untold
On the wheels of steel, sportin dookie gold

[Nice & Smooth]
We're talkin bout G-O-L-D G-O-L-D G-O-L-D G-O-L-D

[Greg Nice]
We like real gold, patent seal gold
(Not like some gold) which is slum gold
G-O-L-D gold, and I've been told
It's too hot to hold, you can get it sold
June Luv, was rockin the stupid gold
Scott LaRock, was rockin the stupid gold
Red Alert, rocks, stupid gold
Chuck Chillout, rocks, stupid gold
And Marl, rocks, stupid gold
Special K, rocks, stupid gold
Schoolly School, rocks, stupid gold
Hackensack, rocks, stupid gold
(??), rocks, stupid gold
Boogie Down Bronx, rocks, stupid gold
Jungle Brothers, rocks, stupid gold
Ultramagnetic, rocks.. {"feels so good"
{"You'd better think!"

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  • Release information
    label: Fresh Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin