I'd Rather Die Lyrics - Nicolai Dunger

Nicolai Dunger Soul Rush cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001
length: 5:35
composer: Nicolai Dunger
I´d rather die than to have you around.
May trouble come, may trouble go
far across the sea - without you and me.
But it's ok, if you want to hold my hand
When it gets dark, I'll leave a spark
upon your weary sky for you to rest and find.
everlasting rest.
For For that's what you miss in our love
I know that's what you miss

I'd rather die than say goodbye
you will be strong, but not for long
far across the sea, our hands are joined and free
In an everlating prayer
for those who are lost and lonley
My love, that's what we are
everlasting rest
everlating pryer - that's what we need

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