Who Sang As Always I Remain? Night Ranger

Night Ranger Neverland cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997-3-26
length: 4:34
Here I am, my heart in a sling
Holding on to memories
Wondering what might've been

There you are, lost in a dream
So full of life yet lonliness
Has caused you to bleed

I know where there's room enough for two
Let's take a trip to where we've been
The waters rush underneath the bridge

As always I remain
So where are we now?
Life is just a daisy chain
Your innocense my lost refrain
And where are we now?
Never said you'd staty the same
As always I remain

A sudden call
It's the end of the line
Or is it just the start of something?
Maybe we'll see

Where will you go?
And who will you be?
Me I'll just be singing songs
Crossing fingers
There's always something going on


I must admit I'm an untimely man
Appearing so callous to all
There's a right way,a wrong way
As always I will
Remain on this road right or wrong
Yeah, yeah


As always I remain, oh
As always I remain

CD 1
  • 1 New York Time
  • 2 As Always I Remain
  • 3 Neverland
  • 4 Slap Like Being Born
  • 5 Someday I Will
  • 6 I Don’t Call This Love
  • 7 Sunday Morning
  • 8 Anything for You
  • 9 My Elusive Mind
  • 10 Forever All Over Again
  • 11 (You Can Still) Rock in America ’97