Who Sang Hearts Away? Night Ranger

Night Ranger Big Life cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1987
Genre: Rock
Style: Arena Rock/Prog Rock/Hard Rock
producer: Night Ranger and Kevin Elson
mixer: Kevin Elson
composer: Jack Blades
lyricist: Jack Blades
Hearts away, I cast my heart
To some romantic yesterday
When I was young and on my own
And you were blind to everyone but me

Now today, I throw my heart to some
Forgotten memory, when you were
What was meant for me, a stranger
With a place to always be

Hearts away
Hearts away
Hearts away

Cast away, I cast my heart away each
Time I think I see
Your face come down a crowded avenue
How come it's never really you

And today, I cry myself to sleep each night
I only wish, I'd wake to see you lying next to me
I know I'm sure it's killing me

Hearts away
Hearts away
Hearts away

Oh I wanna know
All the times I held you near me
Did you think I'd ever let you go now
And the time I had you with me

Did you feel so sorry for the lonely ones
Are we the only ones
Hearts away

Now today I throw my heart
To some forgotten memory
When you were what was meant for me
A stranger with a place to always be

Hearts away
Hearts away
Hearts away
Hearts away

CD 1
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  • 2 Color of Your Smile
  • 3 Love Is Standing Near
  • 4 Rain Comes Crashing Down
  • 5 The Secret of My Success
  • 6 Carry On
  • 7 Better Let It Go
  • 8 I Know Tonight
  • 9 Hearts Away