Who Sang Last Chance? Night Ranger

Night Ranger Feeding off the Mojo cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995-11-8
length: 5:05
Drifting down a river turning back
Wishing I could turn the water black
Wishing someone else could hear my screams
Wishing you were here to rescue me

Fools remain but nothing gold can stay
All that glitters seems to blow away
Pleasure came and caused me all this pain
Left me standing in the pouring rain

The mooring lines were cast away
The water made no sound
An angel flew above the waves
I laid my money down

?Cause this is the last chance, the last time
And it may never come again
This is the last chance, last ride
And it may never be the same

I couldn't see the colors of the sky
Years were just a flash before my eyes
I saw the future fade into the past
I saw your demons shatter you like glass

The mooring lines were cast away
The sea began to rise
An angel flew above the waves
And now the wind's just right

CD 1
  • 1 Mojo
  • 2 Last Chance
  • 3 Try (For Good Reason)
  • 4 Precious Time
  • 5 The Night Has a Way
  • 6 Do You Feel Like I Do / Tomorrow Never Knows
  • 7 Music Box
  • 8 Longest Days
  • 9 Tell Me I’m Wrong
  • 10 So Far Gone