Nightfall - Thoughts 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 1992
ジャンル: Rock
スタイル: Death Metal
length: 6:35
Sit by me, my friend
Enjoy eternal life
Listen to my words
They might be wise...

Why people cry for the end
Why do they scare for death
While they're believing in
Eternal life which gives them
the cance to rest... in time...

Questions've made by
the secrets of my mind
While I'm thinking how I'll be... dying...

"Finishing your life"
"Finishing the pain"
It's a risk to believe what they say

I hear the voices of millions of men
Belong to the past they still remain
Souls in dust, memories craft
Release your thoughts I'll support you

CD 1
  • 1 Thoughts
  • 2 Domestication of Wildness
  • 3 Vanity
  • 4 The Passage
  • 5 In God They Trust (intro)
  • 6 For My Soul, When the Dark Falls Into...
  • 7 Immaculate / Enslaved by Need
  • 8 Birth (intro)
  • 9 Crying Out the Fear Within
  • 10 Domestication of Wildness (Longest & Deadliest version)