Nightfall - Victimized 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2004
length: 3:16
Grab hold of the godsend pride
Try to swallow his solar life
A giver is so gentle to be
But have to have something to give
An icon so strong
A dark feeling so b_____ cold
A day without light
A greeting never told
Give me pleasure, have no faith
Give me more I feel true pain
Give me pleasure I am not insane
Give me more for once be straight
I have faith in my life
Where's your b_____ smile
I am the burning aureole in the sky
Where's your moral pride
I can't stand looking at these eyes
I am truly paralysed
All these words, the secrets that you hide
All in all being victimized
Right through, right through I tell you
Lock the target, deep breath, shout it loud, let it out
You've got the victim in control
You are the master you are the lord

CD 1
  • 1 Dark Red Sky
  • 2 Swollen
  • 3 Christles
  • 4 Master of My Dreams
  • 5 The Perfect Li(f)e
  • 6 The End Times
  • 7 Synastry
  • 8 One of These Days
  • 9 Victimized
  • 10 So(u)l Invictus
  • 11 Essense