Who Sang Misery? Nils Lofgren

Release information
Release Date: 1992
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
length: 6:46
Sweet occasion and an old champagne
s_____ind down an unmarked road
Broken two hearts that feel the pain
Or the hope that died
Rescued, I would almost be
But for the misery

I came to, in a human hell
It hit me hard and my spirits fell
Heart and soul, broke and abused
From a strangers rage
No I'll never be set free
By this misery, by this misery

Misery, what did I do?
Misery did I deserve a fate like you?
Misery, will it ever pass?
Will I find the guts to last?
{Guitar Solo}
Patience gone, feel the end in sight
I'll be free today or I'll be dead tonight
Dear Lord, why have you gone and forsaken me?
Will I finally be set free?
From this misery, from this misery
Yeah, this misery, yeah misery

Why did ya do it? Why'd ya do it now?
In all this misery

CD 1
  • 1 A Child Could Tell
  • 2 Blue Skies
  • 3 Misery
  • 4 You
  • 5 Shot at You
  • 6 Crooked Line
  • 7 Walk on Me
  • 8 Someday
  • 9 New Kind of Freedom
  • 10 Just a Little
  • 11 Drunken Driver
  • 12 I'll Fight for You