Who Sang Role Model? Nina Macc

Nina Macc Memoirs of a Boss Bitch cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-4-28
length: 2:32
producer: Shade Sheist
performer: Nina Macc
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These bitches need a role model
They need a mother figure, need a fucking bottle
When I'm in the club they in my whole aisle
Just thirsty as fuck, what these hoes problem
These bitches need a role model
If they got a brain then it must be hollow
I'm out here getting money you just tryna follow
Just thirsty as fuck what these hoes problem

[Verse 1]

Stack it like me, no these bitches can't
Seeing these G's, no these bitches ain't
These broads all copy like they paper fake
I'm baggin in dough and I might need a rake
You looking kind of broke like you need a raise
If you don't know your value go and get appraised
Uh, or I can tell ya
Niggas in here, not none of em feel ya
I don't mean to hurt your feelings but
Top dollar only comes to realest of bitches
And you are just a clone and you looking ridiculous
You need to get on and find a new career quickly trick
Some get it, some don't
Some built for this shit, some are just slow
Some hit and some won't
But I ain't 'bout to show a bitch shit no more, just cause


[Verse 2]

So what you got some heels bitch
Now how you 'bout to pay your damn bills bitch
Tryna keep up with the Nina
Your money disappear like some nail polish cleaner
Seen her in that white beamer, you a lie
You seen me in the Benz or that G5
You know we call it that because the shit fly
When I let my seat back like the letter Y
They ain't on my level, get a shovel
Cause I kill 'em all dead in a gold Roley bezel
My level, where you all gone I done been there
Why everybody rocking blonde in they fucking hair
I know, cold game
Break a billion dollars you gon' get some cold change
Best stay in your lane
These hoes don't compare and the fact still remains that, um


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  • Release information
    label: Emacculate Music Group
    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin