Ninja Sex Party - Smooth Talkin’ 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2018-8-17
length: 2:39
You know, Ninja Brian
It's not enough to just be the world's most amazing lover
You also have to be a smooth talker
Well, of course I know how to talk to women!
Give me a delicious groove, this is what I tell them

Girl, I'm gonna take my flang-diddly out and slam it your flump
That's right
Then, without a sound, I'll run my tongue all up and down your horse pa-cunk
You like that?
Then, I'll flip you 'round and lay you down
And rub my canck up on your schmears (all over your schmears)
Your cliver will start to quiver
When I grab your slinky noo-putts by the veera

(Oh!) open your heart and give me a taste off your fork
I'm gonna lightly stroke your flendel till you twerk
Then I will gently flick your turffles, baby!
Till you scream "oh my God I'm gonna crumble it so hard!"

Damn, that's some smooth talking
Plenty more where that came from
Now, let's all concentrate

Here we go baby
Now it's, oh wow, a guitar solo, too, hey

No it's time to take my tiddly bits and mash them til they gub
Oh yeah
I've got two nasty doo-dads and they're beggin for a moment with your shnunb
Yeah, yeah
My sackitty-pack is a figgity-figgity facking
And it's only attack will be a mac pack in your coo
We're gonna mate till we're trained like two schmaes
In time I please you with my shmoo
Dinner is served and looks my ba-goick is the main dish
So sit down and gobble my sport-a-lif if you wish!
Do not have a nice taste of my flappy-swish

Let her go, Ninja Brian
She's probably just going to think about it
Well, if you need me, I'll be in my chambers
Schnubbing my own gank!

CD 1
  • 1 Intro (Cool)
  • 2 Cool Patrol
  • 3 Orgy for One
  • 4 Danny Don’t You Know
  • 5 Release the Kraken
  • 6 Ninja Brian Goes to Soccer Practice
  • 7 First Date
  • 8 Smooth Talkin’
  • 9 Heart Boner (Part II of the Boner Trilogy)
  • 10 Romance Novel
  • 11 Eating Food in the Shower
  • 12 Courtship of the Mermaid
  • 13 GFY
  • 14 Mansion Party
  • 15 Outro (Patrol)

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    country(area): United States
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    barcode: 192914326830
    script: Latin