Nits - Angel of Happy Hour 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2000-5
ジャンル: Rock Pop
スタイル: Alternative Rock/Pop Rock
length: 4:39
I am the shame in the secret wars
She smells the leaves in the autumn cars

I am the rain from the falling skies
She came, the winter was in her eyes
She said: "The wonders that filled my head
They fell asleep, but I'm not dead
I can change, I can change"

She came from towns
Where she was a famous silhouette
I turned around to light her a cigarette
Passion fruit was in her eyes
The ice and the fire
The lights in the sky

Something's wrong
Why you're gone
My eyes are red
Why does it hurt so bad

Why you've changed
Why you've changed
My angel

Where she lives nothing grows
A dry old plain
The ill wind blows so cold

She was the angel of happy hour
She took the honey from every flower
Passion fruit was in her mouth
The ice and the fire
The lights in the south

Why you've changed
So why you've changed
My angel

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  • 7 Angel of Happy Hour
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