Who Sang Empty Inside? Nocturne

Release information
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Techno/Goth Rock/Industrial/Electro/Heavy Metal
length: 4:46
(Music and Lyrics by Chris Telkes)

My mind, it's gone
My mind, it's gone
It's gone, it's gone
And I can't do a thing for it
I live alone
I'll die alone
Leave me alone
And let me slit my wrists
I'm fascinated with the notion
Of people's urge to run and hide
It doesn't touch me
Life doesn't matter
I live my life
Empty inside

No feelings, no emotion
Only sorrow for the past
You can watch me beg for drugs
Cos I've lost all my pride
I see the looks you give
But I know it doesn't matter
I'd be living life in shame
But I'm empty inside
Empty insideā€¦
Searching, looking for nothing
And you're following me to it
Watching, as every moment
Turns to loss of innocence
Your mind, it's gone
Your mind, it's gone
It's gone, it's gone
And you can't do a thing for it
You live alone, you'll die alone
I'll leave you alone
And let you slit your wrists


You cannot hurt me
You cannot make me feel small
You cannot touch me
You cannot make me feel at all


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