Who Sang Happy? Nocturne

Release information
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Techno/Goth Rock/Industrial/Electro/Heavy Metal
length: 4:32
(Music and Lyrics by Lacey Conner)

I found her face down in the garden
She's lying there so still
So still and lovely

Slowly I approached her
And rolled her over
Then I discovered this girl was me

I gave up everything
I gave up everything
So I could tell you
I'm happy
I'm happy now

I had seen her in the garden
She told me that she hated me
And stared at me with those cold stale eyes
One hit to the head and she went down
Then I discovered that this girl was me


I gave up everything
I gave up everything…for you

She had seen me in the garden
I'd been waiting there for her
She knew what was coming
And then we both collapsed


  • 1 Happy
  • 2 My Bitch
  • 3 Head Trip
  • 4 Vortex
  • 5 Dissolute
  • 6 Waiting for Anything
  • 7 SAD (Selfish Adolescent Denial)
  • 8 It Burns
  • 9 The Final Hour
  • 10 If I Could Leave, I Would
  • 11 Empty Inside
  • 12 Flirt, Part 1
  • 13 Flirt, Part 2