Who Sang It Burns? Nocturne

Release information
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Techno/Goth Rock/Industrial/Electro/Heavy Metal
length: 6:13
(Music and Lyrics by Chris Telkes)

It doesn't matter
If you're right or wrong
If you're not like the others
Then you don't belong
And if you don't live like they want you to
There's some re-education awaiting you

And it burns …

You were told not to think that it's best to pray
The one's with ideas were all led away
And those who were watching brimmed up with hate
They were learning the meaning of police-state

And it burned…

The village was burning the brightest flame
The men were all slaughtered in heaven's name
The women were hanging from the highest trees
The priests were all praying on skinless knees

And it burned…

By the state
Stripped of hate
They recreate
To subjugate

And all the pigs and soldiers sang,
“Don't blame me, I'm not in control
Don't blame me I just do what I'm told.

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