Who Sang Hurts Like Hell? Noel Gourdin

Release information
Release Date: 2008-7-24
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Rhythm & Blues
length: 3:55
I guess its goodbye,
I guess we just ran out of fire
I guess she just grew sick and tired of this relationship
I guess I'm just a liar
I guess its all my fault, flatten all my tires
I guess its just the way its supposed to be

You can have it all
Can have the house, cars, and the dogs
I'm gone as long as your happy
But when it gets rough, and it will
Find another sucker to cover your bills
She really played me out, but I love her still

Hurts like hell, but she'll never see me crying
No way, theres never no way baby
With every breathe theres a pain in my chest
And it feels like im dying,
You'll never catch me crying over her

Could she ever be replaced,
Maybe I made a big mistake
Before the break up waking up
Next to your beautiful face
Maybe im better off
Or maybe we tried to force
Couldn't fit maybe its best
We called the whole thing off



You had it made in the shade
And now its gone away,
No more pictures to remind me of yesterday
Now im blocking your calls no need to take 'em anymore
We had our run and now its done
So baby get your things and ill be OK

[Chorus: x2]

CD 1
  • 1 One Love
  • 2 Better Man
  • 3 The River
  • 4 Open
  • 5 Hurts Like Hell
  • 6 Led You On
  • 7 Reach
  • 8 I Fell
  • 9 P.y.T.
  • 10 Sorry
  • 11 Summertime
  • 12 Too Late
  • 13 Make the Most