Who Sang And Then There Was You? Norah Jones

Norah Jones Day Breaks cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-10-5
length: 3:05
producer: Norah Jones and Eli Wolf
conductor: Chuck Palmer
piano: Norah Jones
vocal: Norah Jones
mixer: Tom Elmhirst
engineer: Ted Tuthill
recording engineer: Ted Tuthill
violin: Maxim Moston and Katharine Kresek
bass: Tony Maceli
viola: Todd Low
cello: Dave Eggar
co-producer: Sarah Oda
additional recording engineer: Ted Tuthill
drums (drum set): Brian Blade
assistant mixer: Joe Visciano
assistant engineer: Brandon Bost, Owen Mulholland, Jeff Citron, Cameron Alexander and Adam Tilzer
orchestrator: Phil Faconti
acoustic bass guitar: Chris Thomas
strings arranger: Dave Eggar and Chuck Palmer
writer: Norah Jones, Pete Remm
And then there was you
And then there was you, my dear
I thought love was a game one would win or would lose
Until I found you
Until I found you, my dear
I thought love was a shame so I threw it away
And then there was you

I thought I was right
But now it seems I was wrong
I just waited so long and I feared love had gone
And then there was you

  • 1 Burn
  • 2 Tragedy
  • 3 Flipside
  • 4 It’s a Wonderful Time for Love
  • 5 And Then There Was You
  • 6 Don’t Be Denied
  • 7 Day Breaks
  • 8 Peace
  • 9 Once I Had a Laugh
  • 10 Sleeping Wild
  • 11 Carry On
  • 12 Fleurette Africaine (African Flower)
  • 13 Carry On (live at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts in Burlington, VT)
  • 14 Flipside (live at the Newport Jazz Festival)
  • 15 Peace (live at the Newport Jazz Festival)
  • 16 Don’t Know Why (live at the Newport Jazz Festival)