Who Sang Begin Again? Norah Jones

Norah Jones Begin Again cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2019-4-12
length: 3:49
producer: Norah Jones
piano: Norah Jones
vocal: Norah Jones
mixer: Tom Elmhirst
recording engineer: Patrick Dillett
bass: Christopher Thomas
assistant mixer: Brandon Bost
assistant recording engineer: James Yost
drums (drum set): Brian Blade
Hammond organ: Pete Remm
composer: Norah Jones, Emily Fiskio
lyricist: Norah Jones
Every thought that I ignore
Another question's at my door
Yes, when will we begin
To believe in this again?
Can we believe?
Can we believe?
I walk down the street
With shadows at my feet
And words in my head
So much left unsaid
Do you know how we got here?
Do you know how we got here?

I drank to clear my throat
Enough to eat the words you wrote
I've said these words before
Felt this way, closed that door
Are you a stranger?
Are you a stranger?

Never seemed to bother me
Now I find it hard to breathe
Everything that you wrote
Sticks inside and chokes my throat
Do I think way too much?
Are we running out of luck?

Can a nation built on blood
Find its way out of the mud?
Will the people at the top
Lose their way enough to stop?
Can we begin again?
Can we begin again?
Can we begin again?
Can we begin again?

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