Who Sang It's Gonna Be? Norah Jones

Norah Jones The Fall cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-11-11
Genre: Jazz Blues Pop
Style: Country Blues/Pop Rock
length: 3:11
producer: Jacquire King
membranophone: Robert DiPietro
vocal: Norah Jones
mixer: Jacquire King
electric guitar: Peter Atanasoff
recording engineer: Jacquire King
bass: Tony Scherr
percussion: Will Sayles
Wurlitzer electric piano: Norah Jones
additional recording engineer: Brad Bivens
creative direction: Gordon H Jee
assistant mixer: Jon Stinson
artist & repertoire support: Ronette Bowie and Eli Wolf
assistant recording engineer: Brian Thorn and Morgan Stratton
composer: Norah Jones
lyricist: Norah Jones
If all we talk about is money
Nothing will be funny, honey
And now that everyone's a critic
It's makin' my mascara runny
If we only talk about the "Heathers"
Making it together, is crazy
If we don't get a new situation
For our busted nation, we're lazy

But it's gonna be
It's gonna be
Please make it be
It's gonna be

Now if a princess becomes human
Don't stone her on a talk show, you'll ruin
Cause there's a fine line between a skewer
And a decent sense of humor
Aim at the ones who've really hurt us
They should be arrested for murders
But then all the cameras were turned on
Some skinny naked blond eating burgers

But it's gonna be
It's gonna be
It's gonna be
It's gonna be

It's gonna be
It's gonna be
Please make it be
Let's make it be

It's gonna be
It's gonna be
It's gonna be
Be, be, be, be

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  • 2 Even Though
  • 3 Light as a Feather
  • 4 Young Blood
  • 5 I Wouldn't Need You
  • 6 Waiting
  • 7 It's Gonna Be
  • 8 You've Ruined Me
  • 9 Back to Manhattan
  • 10 Stuck
  • 11 December
  • 12 Tell Yer Mama
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